Riverbed SteelCentral now supports Azure and AWS

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Riverbed has announced its SteelCentral cloud monitoring solution now supports Microsoft Azure and AWS deployments, alongside a number of other enhancements in its latest update.

The company explained the changes will make it easier for companies to use and scale their cloud monitoring, while also allowing them to troubleshoot issues and monitor usage in real time.

"This release of SteelCentral delivers significant enhancements in cloud-based performance monitoring, along with new capabilities that will help accelerate business execution and boost productivity," said Mike Sargent, SVP and general manager of SteelCentral at Riverbed.

SteelCentral now supports PaaS and containerised environments that customers are using to deliver their applications, meaning they are able to keep tabs on the apps being created, ensuring they are able to boost performance or troubleshoot any issues in real time.

Businesses can also monitor many aspects of their unified communications networks, including Skype for Business. SteelCentral will identify the root causes of network degradations, device errors, or user mistakes to save the IT department's time investigating into issues and it works across multiple clients at the same time.

Riverbed explained that proactive monitoring and troubleshooting app infrastructure is key to effectively managing a business, whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise. The latest iteration of SteelCentral NetProfile enables IT managers to do this with a newly-designed interface that identifies the key problems that need addressing.

"As more enterprises embrace digital and cloud services, SteelCentral provides the high definition visibility that is critical to enabling and assuring the success of these transformational initiatives," Sargent added.

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