Archive 360 eyes greater Office 365 adoption

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Archive 360 is hoping to boost adoption of Microsoft Office 365 by launching a partner initiative and tying it up with the company's Archive2Anywhere cloud-based email archive migration-in-a-box tool, which allowing emails to be archived in a safe and efffective manner.

News of the Acccelerate Partner Programme comes as analysts predict cloud-based email archiving is expected to rise to 60-70 per cent, offering up a big opportunity for SaaS providers and resellers.

From an end-user point of view, Archive 360's email archiving solution means customers are able to store their emails in the cloud with the same security and peace of mind as legacy solutions the company explained. The solution is fully compliant, while also reducing costs when compared to on-premise options.

"Traditional, on-premises email archives are quickly becoming obsolete due to the rising cost and risk of maintaining an aging legacy archive system," said Robert DeSteno, CEO of Archive360.

"Now, with Archive2Anywhere and our Accelerate Channel Partner Program, migrating that archived data in a compliant and defensible manner is both painless and profitable."

The Accelerate Partner Programme itself helps partners quickly integrate its cloud-based archiving solution into its other services, compliantly migrating a client's archive to Office 365 or other cloud archive alternatives. Archive 360 said the programme will allow partners to boost their services revenues by up to four times, while also increasing the number of Office 365 subscriptions for longer-term sales too.

"Featuring extremely fast performance, legal defensibility, shortened project timelines, assured migration predictability and reporting, Archive2Anywhere provides partners access to a state-of-the-art archive migration solution to complement their email system migration to Office 365," DeSteno added.

Clare Hopping
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