Adapt partners with Desktone for Desktop-as-a-Service push

Cloud with various IT components inside

Managed services provider Adapt has partnered with cloud-based multi-tenant desktop virtualisation provider Desktone to deliver Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) services to its clients.

The offering will be delivered through Adapt’s real-time management portal (aMP) and via its enterprise Virtual Data Centre (eVDC) platform.

The company claims that, as it is delivered through the cloud, the new integrated DaaS product is both easier to use and deploy than traditional in-house virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

Simon Fisk, sales and marketing director at Adapt, told Cloud Pro the partnership also enables the company to go beyond its traditional role in setting up and running an in-house VDI system and provides end user support as well.

It also reduced the cost per head of deploying a virtual desktop system to a client, Fisk claimed.

“It is considerably more cost competitive for us to use Desktone than it was using technologies like Citrix, where we have to build the technologies ourselves and then divide it up per customer and deliver that whole solution back to the end users,” he said.

In addition to ease of deployment and cost effectiveness, Fisk added that a VDI deployment via Desktone is device agnostic.

“Quite a lot of these VDI solutions still require quite a lot of desktop configuration and, especially when we are packaging up applications for customers to put on that VDI deployment, there is still quite a lot of work involved in packaging them up,” said Fisk.

“With the Desktone solution, it is really quite clever how it enables those applications to be packaged up much more quickly, and we can them push those applications out much more quickly, regardless of device – whether it is PC, Mac, Android or anything – essentially we can do it all off one image build,” he added.

The DaaS offering will be available to customers via an OPEX-based monthly subscription.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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