BT implements business intelligence in the cloud

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BT Retail has implemented a cloud-based business intelligence system from Informatica to improve decision-making based on data from its Saleforce CRM system.

The move is hoped to increase agility and speed up decision making across the business. BT selected Informatica Cloud following a rigorous comparison with alternative solutions.

The telco decided that Informatica technology was “very easy to use” and that it supports specific business processes (such as customer/product master synchronization, opportunity to order and beyond) and point-to-point data integration requirements (Salesforce to on premise or cloud-to-cloud end-points).

The telco said that the move will “accelerate executive decision making” by extracting data and collating it into reports from 5,000 of its users on its Salesforce CRM. The CRM is used across BT Retail, BT Business and BT Conferences.

According to Informatica, the multi-tenant cloud integration services and platform would “increase the value of data “by ensuring the relevant Salesforce information is on hand to the BT Retail executives, providing up-to-date data at its more valuable.

Chris Hammond, project director, BT Business said that the cloud would ensure BT Retail had “a single version of the truth in support of its decision making.”

"The easy to use cloud integration service ensures that everyday reporting performed through Salesforce is complete and up-to-date. This supports agile and accurate decision making, enabling BT retail to get ever closer to customers by understanding their lifestyles and their businesses and helping establish long-term relationships with them," he added.

The cloud-based BI automates the loading and extraction of crucial BT Retail sales data, including win/loss reports, prospect management and contract information, between flat files and Salesforce. The system will be further extended to integrate data for reporting from other areas of the business that currently do not use Salesforce, including BT Directories.

Rene Millman

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