FireScope integrates cloud-based ITSM with ServiceNow

Person typing at laptop with cloud service icons superimposed

IT Service Management-as-a-service provider FireScope has announced it will integrate its products with Service desk SaaS provider ServiceNow.

The company said the integration would deliver bi-directional integration with ServiceNow and enable customers to automatically identify service-impacting events through FireScope and automatically generate and track incidents.

During the lifecycle of the incident, both products can synchronise information to ensure operators have easy access to the latest information. Finally, as FireScope identifies that normal service performance has been resumed, the solution can automatically close the incident in ServiceNow to prevent unnecessary efforts.

FireScope pointed to research from the IT Process Institute, which said that the industry average Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) was approximately 200 minutes, with more than 80 per cent of this time spent tracing the source, during which time the business is losing between $90,000 per hour in the media sector to about $6.48 million per hour for large online brokerages.

The company said that the product’s built-in reporting and predictive analytics capabilities can use data provided by both offerings to provide CIOs and IT leaders with improved forecasting of the reliability and capacity requirements of their business services.

Mark Lynd, president and COO of FireScope, said that both companies have been “major disruptors in our respective segments of the IT Service Management market”. He added that products from the likes of IBM, HP, BMC and CA were too complicated for a lot of customers.

"As an integrated offering, our customers have a complete and cloud-based alternative to the massively complex Big-4 solution suites that have been their only option for decades, an offering that delivers greater capability and scalability at significantly less cost and effort,” he added.

Rene Millman

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