The best Google Analytics courses and certificates for 2024

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Google Analytics is a key tool in any digital marketer’s arsenal, and so naturally, there are a huge number of training courses available. Our list of some of the best Google Analytics courses and certificates offers just a snapshot of what's available.

On a basic level, website owners use Google Analytics to monitor page views and determine how well their sites are performing. However, Google Analytics is an incredibly sophisticated tool, and can be used for far more than simple graphs and charts. As long as website owners only use the platform as a tool to discover real-time metrics, they’ll be missing out on Google Analytics' full capabilities.

Although deploying it might be a walk in the park, users who aren’t familiar with technology might encounter a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding how some of the wider tools work. If you can get past this curve, you might just find you can transform your marketing strategy.

To give you an idea of what's out there, we've pulled together what we feel are some of the best Google Analytics courses and certificate programs available.


Our list of the best Google Analytics courses and certificates has been populated based on a combination of factors, including community reviews, the convenience of each course, and whether they cater for absolute beginners or a current professional looking to up-skill or retrain. Our goal is to provide a broad range of options to give you a good sense the market today.

The best Google Analytics courses and certificates

Take a look at the below programs and you’ll be an expert in Google Analytics in no time.

Get started using Google Analytics

Best Google Analytics short course for beginners

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Provider: Skillshop (via Google)

Price: Free

Course link: Get started using Google Analytics

Course length: 1 hour

This course is a great option for those looking for a very quick overview of Google Analytics and its basic functions.

It designed to give you an understanding of how Google Analytics works and the skills to fully leverage its capabilities to accelerate your business goals. You'll grasp how Analytics collects, processes, and structures data in order to generate actionable insights.

This course is a solid choice for complete beginners, with short videos and step-by-step guidance condensed into an hour session. Also, as it's directly from Google, it provides an authoritative introduction to using its platform.

Google Universal Analytics Essential Training

Best advanced Google Analytics short course

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Provider: Corey Koberg (via LinkedIn Learning)

Price: $20 per month (LinkedIn Learning subscription)

Course link: Google Universal Analytics Essential Training

Course length: 2 hours 40 mins

This course teaches users how to deploy Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of digital customers, including how they discovered your website and how they interact with it once they arrive.

The course covers the platform’s basic functionality, from setting up an account to generating reports, but the course's true value is in the advanced features deep dive. Instructor Corey Koberg shows you how to extract valuable insights from the vast amount of data available, including averages, segments, trends, and context.

LinkedIn Learning is known for high-quality business and tech courses. The instructor gets top reviews for explaining complex data clearly. This is ideal for going beyond basics to advanced data analysis.

Google Analytics Certification - One-Day Certification Guide

Best intensive Google Analytics certification program

A screenshot of the Udemy website advertising the 'Google Analytics Certification - Get Certified & Earn More' course

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Provider: Daragh Walsh (via Udemy)

Price: $129 (£49.99)

Course link: Google Analytics Certification - One-Day Certification Guide

Course length: Two hours

This course offers a step-by-step guide to passing the Google Analytics certification exam in just one day, with no prior experience required. The course includes complete certification training, a detailed exam overview, and over 200 practice questions.

The Google Analytics Certification is an industry-recognized IT certification that can boost your resume and increase your chances of getting a job in digital marketing. The course also includes tips on how to promote your certification and get hired.

For those short on study time, this highly-rated preparation course offers key tips and practice to pass the exam quickly. Students say it provides comprehensive training efficiently, saving them weeks of preparation.

Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere

A screenshot of the Coursera website advertising the 'Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere' course

(Image credit: Coursera)

Best Google Analytics certificate program for switching careers

Provider: Google Career Certificates (via Coursera)

Price: $49 (£38) per month

Course link: Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere

Course length: 22 hours

This course is the first in the Google Data Analytics Certificate program, which prepares you for an entry-level data analyst job – and therefore a much larger commitment than many others on this list.

You will learn about the role and skills of a data analyst, the data life cycle and analysis process, and the tools and terms used in the field – including Google Analytics. You will also explore career opportunities and best practices for job search. The course is taught by Google data analysts and includes hands-on exercises and quizzes.

This course is praised for its hands-on learning. It's a great option if you want training in Google's analytics tools, with a view of potentially changing careers.

Although it's part of a broader data analysis certificate, you can opt to purchase individual modules, and there is no requirement to complete the wider program.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Essential Training

Best Google Analytics 4 (GA4) course

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Provider: Corey Koberg (via LinkedIn Learning)

Price: $20 per month (LinkedIn Learning subscription)

Course link: Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Essential Training

Course length: 2 hours

This course teaches you how to use Google Analytics to track, analyse, and report on-site visits, marketing goals, and ad revenue. Google product expert Corey Koberg covers the platform’s functionality and explains how to glean insights from the data available. 

You will learn how to measure traffic, conversions, ad performance, and ROI, and identify how people use your website. The course is designed to help you get, convert, and retain customers, manage user accounts, and more.

LinkedIn Learning offers another top-notch course focusing specifically on the newest GA4 platform. The instructor gets rave reviews for clear explanations tailored to beginners.

Google Analytics for Marketing - Boost Sales & Lower Costs

Best Google Analytics course for marketing

A screenshot of the Udemy website advertising the 'Google Analytics for Marketing - Boost Sales & Lower Costs' course

(Image credit: Udemy)

Provider: Joe Parys et al (via Udemy)

Price: $40 (£25)

Course link: Google Analytics for Marketing - Boost Sales & Lower Costs

Course length: 2 hours

The course aims to help marketers who are struggling to measure their progress and are confused about how to use analytics to boost sales and lower costs. The course is suitable for those who are keen to build new skills and improve their marketing strategy and results.

This course cuts through the jargon, offering focused training to those struggling to connect analytics to marketing strategy.

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