MacBook Pro owners report MagSafe charging issues

A MacBook with its lid slightly open
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Users of Apple's new 16in MacBook Pro have started reporting problems with the unit's MagSafe charging mechanism.

As first spotted by AppleInsider, a user complained on Reddit that when their MacBook Pro was shut down, the MagSafe charger would flash orange, which is often an indication that it is not charging correctly.

Apple instructed the user to reboot the system in recovery mode, but this only solved the problem temporarily. "This should not happen on such an expensive device. I'm worried about the negative effects this may have on the battery and the device overall," the customer said.

Commenters also reported the same problem. "I have the EXACT same issue," said one. "Went to the Genius bar and they tested with a cable and charger that they have and it still had the same problem."

Apple bought back the MagSafe charger to the MacBook Pro in when it unveiled the redesigned units in October. The company has is advising owners of the laptop to either charge their MacBook in sleep mode or with the lid open, or to attach the MagSafe cable first before shutting the machine off.

This would not be the first time that Apple has faced problems for its MacBook Pro laptops, which tend to carry a price premium. It was forced to fix its redesigned butterfly-mechanism keyboards in 2018 after repeated hardware failures that prompted a customer lawsuit, and had to recall units over worries about overheating batteries the following year. Users sued again last year over a flaw in MacBook Pro displays that caused backlights to fail.

Users have also reported problems with external monitors when using the company's new macOS Monetery operating system. The reports span different devices, ranging from the iMac to the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. Some report flicking screens, while others report difficulties getting an external monitor to work with Apple laptops at all.

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