ICO raids Birmingham and Brighton companies suspected of millions of nuisance calls

Businessman making a phone call via a 5G network

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said it has searched two addresses following complaints the companies made millions of unauthorised live and recorded nuisance calls to people.

The ICO searched company HQs in Birmingham and Brighton following more than 600 complaints about the companies' conduct. According to the data regulator, the complainants received calls both on landlines and on mobile phones about road traffic accidents they had apparently been involved in, personal injury claims, and insurance claims for household goods.

The companies did not identify themselves when making the calls, nor did they offer the opportunity for the general public to opt out of future communications. This is against the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 and as such, the companies could receive fines for their conduct.

The ICO discovered evidence that demonstrated the companies breached the law when they seized and searched computer equipment and documents from the firms in question.

The investigation has apparently been ongoing for a year, after which the ICO concluded that the companies had operated against the law and issued search warrants at the premises.

"Today's searches will fire a clear warning shot to business owners who operate outside the law by making nuisance marketing calls to people who have no wish to receive them," Andy Curry, head of the nuisance team at the ICO said.

"The evidence seized will help us identify any illegal business activities and assist us to take enforcement action, which may include action against the directors, on behalf of the victims who have turned to us for help."

Clare Hopping
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