IT Pro Podcast: Are chief metaverse officers here to stay?

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Metaverse tech has already attracted billions of pounds in investment, and despite its detractors looks set to play a major role in the future of communications and productivity tech. It was also one of the main themes at this year’s Mobile World Congress, where the concept of a CMO - that’s ‘chief metaverse officer’ - was discussed in detail.

Companies like Journey, Nike, and Telefónica already have individuals with metaverse in their titles, but there is still a lot to be proved about the longevity of these roles. With metaverse tech still lacking definition in the minds of businesses and consumers alike, the impact that this new concept of a CMO will have on the industry as a whole.

In this special episode, IT Pro reviews editor Bobby Hellard presents a report from MWC, covering the definition and responsibilities of a chief metaverse officer, and whether or not the role could have a vital role to play in the C-suite of the future.


“In the near term, it's likely going to be a centralised, single role, but over the long term that will diverge. So for now, maybe it's someone like the head of innovation, someone who's looking on that far technology horizon. Moving forward though, I don't think it's going to be a specific role.”

“The crux of the problem is that not all companies need a chief metaverse officer in the slightest, none. If you are more specialised because immersive technologies or blockchain technologies, maybe to an extent web3, I can understand why you want a C-suite position which is focused in that area.”

“[In 2017] there were people who were labelling themselves as 'chief blockchain officers', and you don't see chief blockchain officers that exist nowadays. So part of me wonders whether this is genuinely a part of a hype cycle, where people adopt that role for now.”

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