Signal on iOS allows you to securely transfer data to new device

Signal has launched a new tool that enables iOS users to securely transfer its data to a new iPhone or iPad.

Users of the encrypted messaging service can move their account and messaging history when they upgrade or change their device. You need both functioning iOS devices to transfer Signal’s data, so you won’t be able to transfer data on a bricked iPhone.

First, install Signal on the new iPhone or iPad. Then verify your phone number and accept when asked if you want to transfer your account and message history. When the migration prompt appears on your original device, confirm you want to proceed. Use your original device to scan the QR code when it appears on your new iPhone or iPad.

Signal has long had a tool for migrating its data between Android devices, but it had to take a different approach in developing the iOS version. The process is secure and end-to-end encrypted, and it occurs over a local connection (similar to AirDrop).

The existing device controls the whole process, from the transfer prompt to verifying the connection before sending data to physically scanning the QR code. The QR code does not contain secure information, so if someone else scans the QR code, they would end up transferring their data to your new device.

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