Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5 vs S3 vs Lumia 920 vs BB Z10 head-to-head review

It's been a long ol' test and there's a lot of information to digest. We've learnt that quad-core processors don't necessarily mean better performance and we've found which area each device excels in:

  • BlackBerry Z10 - Messaging
  • Lumia 920 - Camera and Unique features
  • Galaxy S3 - Display and Battery
  • iPhone 5 - Display and Internet
  • Nexus 4 - Pricing

If you're buying on a contract and on a budget- In terms of value for money we would say that the Galaxy S3 edges it. The Samsung device has unmatched battery life and, although it did not win the other categories, it was always in the top two. You're also likely to get a generous allowance compared to other handsets.

If you're buying SIM-free - You won't get a better deal than the Nexus 4.

If money is no object - The iPhone was the clear winner in our performance benchmark and it has a gorgeous display. It also has the best selection of apps and we can see why it is so popular.

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