Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4in review

Samsung unleashes a fantastic all-round Android tablet but it's expensive.

Secure Android

The Galaxy Tab Pro comes pre-loaded with Android KitKat 4.4.2 and, to boost enterprise adoption, Samsung has also shipped the tablet with 'Secured Android' - dubbed Knox.

Knox aims to provide a secure container for apps. Further functionality is going to be rolled out in Q2 of 2014 to allow IT admins to push out apps to users and manage devices using thrid-party tools from firms such as CA and Good Technologies.

Knox 2.0 will also bring support for two-factor authentication, VPN+ and certification management, so the enterprise functionality will increase.

There are a number of business friendly apps pre-loaded on the Tab Pro. E-Meeting allows you to share files with other devices and Cisco WebEx is available for conference calls with up to eight colleagues. Meanwhile, Remote PC allows you to access files on a Mac or Windows desktop and Hancom Office Viewer is there when you need to view or edit files on the move.

No Samsung device would be complete without the firm's bespoke TouchWiz overlay.

Samsung's customised skin has been a source of grievance for many users - with complaints about the software using up too much internal storage space. The Korean firm has taken feedback on-board by toning it down and focusing on the basics. On the Tab Pro, the system takes up 3.98GB of storage so you'll have just over 12GB of usable memory if you opt for the 16GB device.

Samsung's default keyboard has been improved. It now has a dedicated number row at the top, together with a delete key. The numbers also act as a shortcut for symbols like '@', '%' and '*' with a long press. The number of shortcuts to symbols means you'll rarely have to switch between layouts when typing, if ever. Of course being an Android device you can also nip to the Play Store and download SwiftKey or Swype if you prefer.

The most notable TouchWiz addition is the Advanced Magazine' feature. Swipe from the left hand edge of the device and you get a curated list of articles displaying everything from business and sports to tech news. You can choose which websites to display articles from but it's US-centric at present.

Swipe left again and you'll get quick access to the your calendar, latest emails and documents you have been working on.

Swiping right from the home-screen brings up the Multi-window' panel giving you a list of apps you can run side-by-side to multitask. The ability to run multiple apps at the same time has been a feature of Samsung mobile devices for numerous generations and translates well to the 8.4in display.

Multi-window functionality is limited to pre-loaded apps but it's useful. You can participate in an E-meeting while viewing information in the Chrome browser or check your emails while checking your Facebook Newsfeed.

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