Apple iPad trade-in scheme launches in UK

Apple iPad mini

Apple has launched an iPad trade-in scheme for European customers, allowing them to trade-in their old device for a new one.

The system will be based upon credits - with different generation iPads gaining different credits - which can be redeemed against new Apple goods.

Credits will also be adjusted depending on the condition of the iPad, so if it's scratched or in bad physical condition, users will get fewer credits than if their device is in pristine condition.

If the iPad doesn't work at all, it's likely Apple will offer to take these off users' hands for free, rather than giving them credits in exchange so it can responsibly recycle the devices.

However, if it is a very old, or a very new iPad, these can't be swapped for credits. The first iPad, the most recent iPad mini with Retina display and the iPad Air are not eligible.

Although Apple hasn't yet announced how much each iPad could be worth, it's likely prices will be similar to the US credits. For example, a 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad 4 in pristine condition would have a value of $200.

The iPad recycling scheme was launched in the US and Canada in April, on Earth Day, and encourages people to recycle old iOS devices rather than throw them away or sell them on services like eBay.

A similar iPhone recycling scheme was set up at the end of last year, allowing iPhone owners to swap mobiles in the same way. The company offered 220 for a 16GB iPhone 5 if it was in top condition and not locked to a network. If the device was damaged at all or locked to an operator, Apple would only give the customer 55 in credits to redeem against other Apple goods.

Clare Hopping
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