Google Glass option made available mounted on designer frames

Google has announced its Google Glass product will be available with a designer frame.

The company said on its blog that Diane von Furstenberg has been actively involved in bringing the designer look to Google's line of smart glasses.

The glasses will only be available for those enrolled in the Glass Explorer Program which comprises developers and beta testers of the smart goggles.

Five different frame designs will be released on June 23 and will go on sale via Net-a-Porter and Google's Glass website. You can also choose between eight different shades to make your glasses almost unique.

Diane von Furstenberg's latest Google Glass designs will join the Titanium collection which was launched in January and will go on sale on Mr Porter at the same time.

The designer has previously shown her support for Google Glass when she allowed Google to document her show at New York Fashion Week from the perspective of the models back in 2012.

Google Glass is only available to a select number of people at the moment and you can only sign up to the Explorer Program if you live in the US.

In April, Google opened up the sales of its Google Glass smart goggles for one day only, allowing interested parties to buy a pair of the spectacles for $1500.

The special offer came about after people participating in the #ifihadglass campaign on Twitter and Google+ that invited people to submit ideas of what they would like to do with Glass. The winners of the competition were enrolled into the Glass Explorer programme.

A number of high profile companies have successfully completed trials with Google Glass including Virgin Atlantic who used the technology to check in Upper Class passengers.

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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