When will I get Android M?


HTC One M9

It'll come as no surprise that the HTC One M9 will be one of the first HTC devices to get the Android M update and the good news is, the One M9 will be getting the update before the year is out. The company's Jason Mackenzie leaked a list of all HTC devices getting the update, including that the HTC One M9 will see it arrive at the "beginning end of 2015," which we assume means the beginning of the last quarter (October). Let's hope so, hey?

HTC One M8

The older HTC one M8 will also get the Android Marshmallow update and this has been known since Mo Versi, the HTC US product manager announced the news on his Twitter page back in June. Like the HTC One M9, the M8 will be getting it at the "beginning end of 2015," so it looks as though it could be rolling out in the next few weeks - hurrah!

Other HTC devices

In its Android M release announcement, HTC said it would be rolling out the Android M update to other devices including the One M9+, One E9 and One E9+, One E8, One M8 EYE, and the HTC Desire 826, 820, and 816, but didn't give a date for the update, unfortunately.

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