Android 11 leak points to new smart home integrations

Google has postponed the Android 11 Beta Launch Show originally scheduled for June 3, but a recent leak of the Android 11 power menu points to a slew of new smart home integrations.

Thanks to XDA Developer's Mishaal Rahman, curious eyes can see the near-final design of the Android 11’s new power menu on Twitter.

In two low-res screenshots, Rahman shared images of a power menu that looks drastically different from previous versions. What was once a four-option overlay will become a full-screen interface featuring a crowd of buttons.

The power, restart, screenshot and emergency buttons have been moved to the top of the screen. Below those buttons will be a carousel of credit cards from Google Pay. Beneath Google Pay, users will find smart home controls sourced from the Google Home app.

The all-new power menu lists options for smart lights, door locks, thermostats and smart blinds, according to Rahman’s screenshots. Users can already access these features through Google Assistant, the Google Home app and Google Smart Displays. It appears the power menu will give access to live camera feeds too.

For users who dislike using voice commands, the Android 11 power menu will be a welcome addition. Rather than going through the cumbersome task of finding their mobile device and locating the Google Home app, users can summon this menu by a long press of the device’s power button.

To date, Android 11 has had four preview releases. While those releases have been stripped of features known to be in development, they have built excitement surrounding Android 11’s release.

Though Google postponed the June 3 event amid nationwide protests related to the death of George Floyd, Google plans to reschedule the Android 11 Beta Launch Show for its third-quarter.