EE, Vodafone delay post-Brexit return of roaming charges

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UK mobile operators EE and Vodafone have delayed the return of the roaming charges, which were set to be reintroduced this month for those travelling to EU countries.

Abolished in EU countries in 2017, roaming charges were set to return following the Brexit agreement the UK government signed with its European counterparts.

Vodafone's roaming charges were due to come into force on 6 January 2022, however, this has now been rescheduled to “the end of January '', a Vodafone spokesperson told IT Pro.

The delay will provide “time for further testing to ensure the best possible experience for customers purchasing our £1 per day bundles,” they said, adding that, “until then, customers will continue to be able to roam without charges”.

EE, meanwhile, has postponed the return of roaming charges to March 2022, after previously planning to reinstate them from the start of January.

This is due to “technical delays”, a spokesperson told IT Pro.

The charges, which include a “new flat fee of £2 a day to use their plan’s data, minutes and texts allowance while roaming across 47 European destinations” will be introduced from 3rd March 2022.


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EE customers will be able to choose to add a 30-day Roam Abroad Pass to their plan, with Essential plan customers being able to take the Pass for £10, while those on Smart or Full Works plans being able to include the same pass as part of their package.

“The small daily charge is capped, which removes any worry of returning home to a larger than expected bill,” the spokesperson added.

Three customers can expect the post-Brexit roaming charges to return on 23 May 2022. The company had previously said it wanted to retain EU roaming at no extra cost, but that this was no longer possible under current conditions.

This leaves O2 as the only major UK mobile operator that has yet to announce any new roaming fees.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with great connectivity and value when they travel outside the UK. We currently have no plans to change the ‘Roam Like at Home’ arrangements,” an O2 spokesperson previously stated.

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