Apple to keep US stores closed until May

In a memo sent to employees on Thursday, Apple senior vice president of retail and people Deirdre O’Brien shared that US retail stores will remain closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Apple anticipates reopening its retail locations in early May. Work-from-home procedures in other parts of the company will also remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Apple is monitoring local conditions for each retail location as the coronavirus spread continues, and the company will continue to reassess the spread of the virus and make final decisions related to reopening stores after a thorough review.

Apple is also taking guidance from local governments and public health experts throughout the crisis.

For Apple employees who’ve found themselves working remotely, the company has dedicated itself to providing this remote workforce with the support and flexibility they need. Support for parents with children at home from school has included more flexible scheduling and encouraging openness with management about their struggles while working remotely.

Apple previously told its employees some retail locations outside the US could open as early as April, Bloomberg News reported. In this most recent note, O’Brien reiterated the company’s executive team continues to meet daily and is working closely with teams across the company to determine which stores will open and when.

Apple has about 270 stores across the US.