Acuant and Airside target pre-COVID normalcy with new identity verification solution

Woman holding a smartphone up to her face so the biometric scanner can read her face
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Acuant and Airside are teaming up to develop a privacy-first mobile identity verification solution to help customers return to pre-COVID normalcy.

As part of their partnership, Airside will integrate Acuant’s security solutions into its Digital Identity App.

The Airside Digital Identity App lets individuals securely add and share their verified identity data with a business for a specified period, giving them complete control of when, where, and how their data is shared. The platform can also verify passports and U.S. drivers’ licenses.

Per reports, a new version of the app will include COVID data to improve health status monitoring.

“Enabling shareable IDs and health data is an important step in ensuring we can efficiently and safely return to some sense of normalcy, but data privacy is a top concern,” said Yossi Zekri, president and CEO of Acuant.

“People need to know the technology they’re entrusting with their personal information has a consumer-first stance on privacy. By partnering with Airside, we are making a convenient and safe return possible, while putting consumer privacy first.”

The Acuant-Airside partnership is geared toward linking users’ COVID test results and vaccination records with their verified identities.

A complete biometric ID verification requires users to scan and upload authorized IDs and take a selfie using the Airside Digital Identity App. An integrated facial recognition system and instant identity verification by Acuant assure anti-spoofing and fraud protection.


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The jointly developed solution will allow for consent-based biometrics sharing at airports, hotels, entertainment and sports venues, and more. Users can keep track of the information being shared and revoke access as needed. Digital privacy is ensured by not storing users' personal information or images in centralized databases and using end-to-end encryption.

“At Airside, we stand by our motto ‘Privacy First. Human Always.’ and work with partners who believe that those fundamentals make the biggest impact,” said Amena Ali, CEO at Airside.

“Our technology is open and interoperable and it’s been easy to integrate with Acuant’s state-of-the-art technology, which speaks to their more than 20 years of expertise ensuring that secure digital identity is accessible to all.”