Apple Maps on track to display coronavirus testing sites

Apple is working diligently to identify coronavirus testing sites across the nation, and it plans to add the locations to its Maps app.

To accomplish such a feat, Apple has launched a portal where health care providers can help out by filling out a CSV template with testing locations and emailing the completed template back to the company.

Once health care provides download the CSV file, they add testing site details including the address, the type of testing site (drive-thru, parking lot or building) and whether or not individuals need to schedule an appointment or secure a referral.

The CSV also gives providers the option to include the testing facility hours and any other details an individual might need.

While the portal and application are live, it's unclear when Apple users will see coronavirus testing sites appear on the Maps app. According to the portal’s FAQ, Apple remains focused on collecting and adding as many testing sites as possible and is unable to provide users with a precise release date for this update.

Though there is no firm timeline, Apple understands time is of the essence and is working quickly to roll out this update.

With the coronavirus outbreak still in full swing and testing sites cropping up sporadically across the country, tracking down where and how to get a coronavirus test is no easy feat. This feature should help ease the process.