Samsung Galaxy S22 series official with a Note of sadness

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra through a hole
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Samsung has unveiled three new Galaxy S22 series smartphones that may worry fans of its popular Galaxy Note series.

The South Korean giant launched the Samsung Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra on Wednesday, with each featuring a new Note-like design.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ have very similar spec sheets, with the latter only different in screen size, battery capacity and charging capabilities. The regular model has a 6.1in FHD+ AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, whereas the Galaxy S22+ boasts a larger 6.6in screen. Both models share the same camera setup, with each housing a 50MP main camera (wide), a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 10MP telephoto lens. They also both come with a 10MP selfie camera.

However, both the standard Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ are dwarfed, both in size and specifications, by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a device that perhaps signals the demise of the Galaxy Note series.

Samsung fans might have suspected the death of the Note range when the first 'Ultra' model launched in 2020 due to its similarly-sized screen and business-focused software features. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it looks like the Note and S ranges have now been fully merged, with the latest version featuring both S-Pen support and a holder built into its chassis, which could be seen as the final nail in the Note's coffin.

True to its name, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra packs the biggest and best capabilities of any S22 series phone. It's 163mm tall and weighs 229g, features a 6.8in Edge QHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and packs a 4,855mAh battery. Even its memory is ultra with an option for 12GB RAM and 1TB storage. Add to that a 108MP main camera and dual telephoto lenses that have its 100x Space Zoom feature.

Camera lenses on Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra

Is the Galaxy Note gone for good?

The future of the Note series has been uncertain for some time, with rumours of its demise circulating early in 2021, partly fuelled by the news that the S series would start offering support for the stylus (S Pen), which the Note was famous for.

Perhaps the most ominous sign the Note is no more can be taken from the fact that Samsung didn't release a new version last year. Instead, the company has focused on its foldable range, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which does appear to be an expansion of a Note, and the Galaxy Z Flip.

From a business perspective, this does make sense, especially given the ongoing chip shortage. Sales for the Galaxy S21 were a little lower than expected, which could explain why a Note 21 never materialised, so rather than trying to maintain two flagships, it makes sense to simply merge the two.

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