Arm launches cloud-based IoT platform

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Arm has launched Arm Total Solutions for IoT, a cloud-based platform to enable software development without the need for physical silicon.

The company hopes this will simplify and modernise software development, resulting in accelerated time to market for developers, OEMs, and service providers at all stages of the Internet of Things (IoT) value chain. It also claims it will reduce the product design cycles by up to two years.

The new platform is built on Arm Corstone, the company's IoT system on a chip (SoC) package, and will deliver a virtual model of the Corston subsystem to allow for software development without the need for physical silicon. It will provide mechanisms for simulating memory, peripherals, and more, to allow for development and testing of software before hardware is available.

The company said this will allow users to reduce a typical product design cycle from an average of five years to as little as three. It will help Arm customers get customer feedback for chips before release and allows the entire IoT value chain to develop and test code on the latest IP ahead of chips being released.

To help it simplify the design process and streamline product development, it contains hardware IP, software, machine learning models, and application-specific reference code.

“Through a radical change in how systems are designed, Arm is uniquely positioned to fuel a new IoT economy that rivals the shape, speed and size of the smartphone industry’s app economy,” said Mohamed Awad, vice president of IoT and Embedded at Arm. “Arm Total Solutions for IoT changes the way we’re delivering key technology to the entire ecosystem and demonstrates our significant and ongoing investment in the software that will empower developers to innovate for global impact.”

Arm is also set to introduce Project Centauri, a set of device and platform standards as well as reference implementations for device boot, security, and cloud integration. The company hopes this will reduce engineering costs, accelerate time to market, enable IoT deployments at scale, and improve security.

In March, Arm launched its first new chip architecture in a decade, focusing on security and AI. It is called v9 and the company hoped it would help it move from general-purpose to more specialised compute across applications like AI, 5G, and IoT.

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