Ori Industries and VMware join forces to simplify edge deployment

The entrance sign at VMware's headquarters in Palo Alto
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Ori Industries has teamed up with VMware to assist enterprises with edge computing deployments on hybrid, telco, and multi-cloud platforms.

"Edge computing is entering the mainstream", according to a 2021 Gartner report. “However, many enterprises struggle with their existing cloud deployments proving to be a barrier to edge adoption.”

Ori Global Edge on VMware Telco Cloud Platform enables a multi-connected edge by leveraging multiple points of presence (PoPs) that connect to teleco and communications service provider (CSP) infrastructure on one end and cloud services on the other.

Additionally, interoperability between VMware Telco Cloud Platform and Ori Global Edge will help reduce complexity, accelerate service velocity, and enhance cloud-native service management at the edge.

The fully functioning edge platform will connect to any cloud environment in telco, hybrid, or multi-cloud. Furthermore, customers can enjoy more reliable service at the edge with low latency, high-availability applications that generate and process data locally, eliminating the need to transfer data back to the cloud.

Ori Global Edge’s Workload Placement feature orchestrates application requirements on-demand and can scale up workloads to meet traffic spikes in real time. With zero-touch provisioning, VMware Telco Cloud Platform simplifies Kubernetes operations for multi-cloud deployments.


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“Enterprises are looking for new ways to engage customers and deliver next-generation experiences. That means having the right application deployed where the user is,” explained Stephen Spellicy, vice president of product marketing, service provider and edge at VMware.

“Edge computing is the final piece of the puzzle and working with Ori Industries’ multi-access edge computing platform will give mutual customers the ability to deploy a solution that helps cover all their environments – whether telco, hybrid, multi-cloud or edge – to meet their business needs. ”