Airbnb outage blamed on AWS

Accommodation booking site Airbnb was down for much of Sunday, causing both bookers and letters a great deal of grief.

The site went down, displaying error code 500, in the early hours of yesterday morning, but wasn't reported to be up and running until the afternoon.

The company took to Twitter, using both its @AirbnbHelp account and main @Airbnb accounts to reassure its users the site would be back up and running as soon as was possible.

"Thanks for reporting the error 500. Rest assured our team is working to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks for bearing with us," it wrote at 11.30AM.

At around 5pm yesterday evening, Airbnb added: "We're happy to inform you that the site is back up and running. Thank you for your patience and understanding!"

As always, many disguntled users took to Twitter to complain they were unable to manage their listings, including responding to guest enquiries, while customers complained they were unable to make bookings.

Although Airbnb hasn't said officially what the problem was, some sites have speculated the issue was down to AWS, on which Airbnb is hosted. At around the same time as Airbnb went down, so did other services using the web hosting, such as Netflix, IMDB and Tinder reported Fortune.

Amazon's service health dashboard exposed the problem may have been due to increased API error rates for Amazon Appstream services, although it's unknown whether this would have impacted the services directly.

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