Policy & legislation

Policy & legislation

Apple fined £1bn ($1.2bn) by French antitrust regulator

Anticompetitive practices were based on abusing the economic dependence of SMBs and led to effective price fixing
16 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

When it comes to AI, the EU is a very small fish in a very big pond

Recent proposals around the regulation of artificial intelligence show just how irrelevant the EU has become
13 Mar 2020
data protection

Multiple data protection vendors put business information at risk, says Dell

Organisations also lack confidence their data protection services are fit-for-purpose, research finds
12 Mar 2020
data protection

C3UK exposes 10,000 commuters' data

The unsecured database contained some 146 million records
3 Mar 2020
data protection

Majority of Americans now want a national data protection law, report claims

73% of Americans would also pay to ensure their data isn’t sold to third parties
20 Feb 2020
data protection

Google to shift UK user data to the US post-Brexit

The decision is driven by fears the UK may step out-of-sync with the EU's data protection laws
20 Feb 2020

Spain approves digital tax despite concerns of a US backlash

The move follows the French example and is aimed at enabling Spain's tax system to deal with the digital world
19 Feb 2020
Mark Zuckerberg speaking at an event
Policy & legislation

EU rebukes Mark Zuckerberg’s regulation proposals

Calls to treat companies like Facebook as being “somewhere in between” a newspaper and a telco are rejected
18 Feb 2020
Policy & legislation

What is the Computer Misuse Act?

If your computer systems are attacked, is the law effective enough to put those criminals behind bars?
17 Feb 2020
Social media button concept
Policy & legislation

Ofcom handed remit to police Silicon Valley giants

The government waters down its Online Harms proposals, but tech companies could still face fines
12 Feb 2020
data protection

Keir Starmer leadership camp denies ‘data scraping’ allegations

Members of his team argue they were pen-testing the Labour Party membership database
10 Feb 2020
European Parliament - What Is Article 13? What is Article 11?
Policy & legislation

What is Article 13 and Article 11?

The controversial copyright directive won the approval of EU member states
5 Feb 2020
data protection

What is the Data Protection Act 2018?

A look at the UK's national data laws and how GDPR fits into the puzzle
3 Feb 2020
Policy & legislation

CMA seeks to fill post-Brexit regulatory void as it eyes big tech

The UK's competition watchdog wants new powers that rival international regulators
3 Feb 2020
Policy & legislation

EU calls for mandatory universal charger despite Apple angst

The approved resolution aims to see more chargers get recycled
31 Jan 2020
Policy & legislation

EU proposes data-centric single market to challenge US tech giants

EC wants European companies to have better access to the bloc’s vast quantities of data
30 Jan 2020
data protection

Open Rights Group calls for government to protect data post-Brexit

ORG warns UK government not to let US push it into weaker data protection laws
28 Jan 2020
data protection

Avast expands opt-out after data-sharing investigation

Security company will ask all users of its free antivirus if they are willing to let their browsing data be shared with third parties
28 Jan 2020
data protection

GDPR compliance is the key to a smooth transition through Brexit

Brexit's effect on data laws demands that data management remains a top business priority for UK organisations
27 Jan 2020
data governance

Twitter demands Clearview AI stops using its images to fuel facial recognition

The startup's facial recognition tech is used by law enforcement and can match people to images from multiple social networking sites
24 Jan 2020
Computer Misuse Act

Computer Misuse Act 'putting critical UK infrastructure at risk'

The 30 year-old legislation also prevents cyber security professionals from doing their jobs, it's claimed
22 Jan 2020
big data

MPs urge clampdown on ‘dodgy data misuse’ in elections

Limitless fines have been proposed for those who break election rules
21 Jan 2020
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data protection fines hit £100m during first 18 months of GDPR

Regulators have received 160,000 data breach reports, with UK firms third-most reported across Europe
20 Jan 2020