Google roadshow will teach Brits about online security

Google will travel the country this summer - starting at the end of next week - on a UK-wide security roadshow with the aim of teaching people how to improve their online security and protect against cyber threats.

This follows the results of Google search insights, which revealed that London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester were the top locations for security-related search queries. A survey of 2,000 residents across these four cities found that 27 per cent of respondents had been a victim of hacking within the last two years.

The most searched for terms include "how secure is my password?", "how to find my phone", "what is the best internet security?", and "how do I stay safe from online fraud?".

Google UK's Laurian Clemence said: "This is the first time we've ever done anything like this, knowing so many Brits are searching for information on how to keep their online data secure.

"Our workshops will cover best practices directly from Google's privacy and security experts on how they can safeguard their passwords, update their account settings, find a stolen device, and check where they are sharing their data in just two minutes, from one place."

Furthermore, just under a quarter (24 per cent) of people do not have any kind of security on their smartphone, 35 per cent are afraid that their personal information could be stolen and 22 per cent have or are unsure whether they have given non-genuine websites their personal details.

"With a marked increase in phishing, identity theft and consumer data breaches, it is now more important than ever for people to understand how to best protect themselves and their sensitive data," said Raj Samani, CTO EMEA at Intel Security. "Just this year Intel Security discovered that 57 per cent of UK consumers do not believe it is their responsibility to protect their own devices, showing that work needs to be done to educate.

He added: "Simple measures such as understanding what makes a secure password and how to recognise phishing emails can empower consumers of all ages to use technology safely. With accurate education, preparation and implementation of security measures, we will hopefully see a drop in successful attacks in the future."

The roadshow will begin in Leeds on 7 August, before travelling to Birmingham, Boston, London and Manchester.

Caroline Preece

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