Trend Micro buys HP TippingPoint


Trend Micro has announced the acquisition of intrusion prevention system company HP Tipping Point for an estimated $300m (195m).

TippingPoint will enable Trend Micro to offer a complete intrusion prevention and breach detection solution to safeguard businesses against increasing threats to their data. The integrated security software will cover endpoints, network, data centre and the cloud and will be distributed via Trend Micro's new Network Defense division.

Organisations remain at risk of large-scale cyber threats and businesses should have the systems in place to prevent, detect and respond to threats, Trend Micro said.

However, hackers and cyber criminals are increasingly able to circumvent many of the measures put in place, taking control of sensitive data using internal networks.

"To face this problem, organisations need a layered threat defense working seamlessly across the enterprise to address threats before, during and after an attack," said Eva Chen, CEO, Trend Micro.

"As an ideal complement to our market-leading protection for data centers and endpoints, this new next-generation network defense solution combines our best-in-class network breach detection system with proven intrusion prevention and response capabilities from TippingPoint. "

Trend Micros's combined intrusion protection and breach detection solution means if a compromise occurs, the system can quickly detect it and put measures in place to prevent escalation and further damage occurring.

"This acquisition complements Trend Micro's current threat defense expertise, extending its strength in endpoint, cloud, data center and breach detection to the network," said Mike Spanbauer, vice president of research, NSS Labs.

"By combining two strong brands, this move accelerates Trend Micro's enterprise position into a non-competing segment, and provides a single, complete threat defense solution for enterprises seeking to make a critical security investment."

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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