Rimini Street expands support to encompass IBM and Microsoft databases

Virtual security/privacy shield

Rimini Street has unveiled a protection solution for IBM and Microsoft databases that uses virtual patching to speed up the process of securing databases.

Rimini Street Advanced Database Security, powered by McAfee, works by constantly monitoring incoming traffic trying to access a database, blocking threats before they are able to take hold.

The company explained traditional, software-based patching usually fails because it's too slow to react to threats, is too complicated to apply code patches, and is typically too expensive to test existing code.

The product is brand new and is being launched for all Rimini Street's currently-supported databases, including databases from SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

"According to Gartner Research, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and SAP are the top four database software vendors by market share, representing nearly 83% of the total global database market combined," Seth Ravin, Rimini Street CEO said.

"The addition of these six additional database products from IBM, Microsoft and SAP to our growing portfolio of supported enterprise software products, gives even more enterprise software licensees the opportunity to leverage Rimini Street's award-winning support, to enjoy a more robust, relevant and responsive support model, and to liberate substantial funds that can be re-directed to strategic growth initiatives."

Ravin added adding IBM, Microsoft and SAP support to its portfolio would enable it to target a wider range of clients that may be using databases presented by other providers.

Clare Hopping
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