Nuspire and Recorded Future collaborate to deliver advanced threat intelligence

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Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP), announced it’s partnered with Recorded Future, the largest cybersecurity intelligence provider. Together, they’ll deliver actionable threat intelligence to clients, encouraging intelligent defense and rapid threat containment.

"Intelligence is key to identifying and preventing threats to help organizations reduce their risk and stay safe," said Rich Shirley, VP of global partnerships at Recorded Future.

"We're excited to partner with Nuspire, whose security experts will now have access to intelligence across open, closed, and proprietary sources, including hard-to-reach places like the dark web and hacker forums, to help protect their clients.”

The collaboration will allow Nuspire's cybersecurity experts to use Recorded Future's superior intelligence research to broaden Nuspire's data and additional data sources. By merging clients’ technology into one system, Nuspire and Recorded Future aim to obtain a comprehensive view of the threat environment, which can lead to faster threat detection.

Other benefits of this collaboration include:

  • A proactive investigation that identifies, eliminates and prevents suspicious activity
  • 24/7 affordable access to security expertise and threat hunters
  • Quicker resolution of security events

"As an industry that is evolving so rapidly, providing our clients with services powered by advanced threat intelligence is critical," said John Ayers, chief strategy product officer at Nuspire. "Partnering with Recorded Future to enrich our threat intelligence data helps further deliver peace of mind to our clients knowing their network is safe from the latest adversaries."