Splunk debuts a new suite of cloud security solutions

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Log analysis company Splunk has launched Security Cloud, a suite of security solutions designed to make threat detection and mitigation smoother for cyber security analysts.

The suite comes in two variants, Standard and Plus, and offers security analytics, threat intelligence, and automated response features.

The Standard level offers data correlation across security tools, threat detection and guidance, and alignment with industry frameworks like MITRE's ATT&CK. The Plus suite adds threat intelligence, pre-built frameworks, and risk scoring.

Both suites use Splunk's core technology, which performs complex searches on large machine-generated data sets for probing an IT infrastructure. They map these searches to security use cases and feature pre-built searches for cloud environments.

The launch is part of Splunk’s strategy to bundle its existing technologies, including Observability Cloud and IT Cloud, into suites managed by front-end interfaces for easy administration.

This strategy includes a change to Splunk’s pricing model. Historically, the company charged for its services based on the volume of data that they ingested. Under the new model, each suite bases pricing on other metrics. Splunk charges for the Security Cloud based on the number of devices that it protects.

Splunk, which launched a service on Google Cloud last year, also launched a security analytics solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that extracts data from Amazon's cloud environment and exposes them through a tailored interface. This service optimizes AWS security analytics for small teams, Splunk said.


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Splunk will go live on the AWS marketplace on June 29.

This was a big week for Splunk, which also announced a $1 billion investment from technology investment company Silver Lake. It’ll use this money to fund growth initiatives, including a stock buyback scheme.

Splunk also announced it acquired cloud security company TruSTAR on May 18, fleshing out its security analytics offerings with a cloud-native product for gathering security intelligence from cloud-native environments.

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