Oak9’s IaC security platform now available on AWS

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Cloud platform oak9 has launched its security offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Oak9 continuously and dynamically monitors organizations’ Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) to provide round-the-clock security.

The platform also accelerates the delivery of cloud-native applications. Furthermore, oak9 seamlessly integrates into any software development lifecycle or CI/CD pipeline.

Capable of scanning and remediating thousands of lines of IaC, oak9 helps businesses avoid costly security gaps. Actional insights ensure vulnerabilities are fixed before applications are deployed.

“In only two years, our team has created a leading IaC security platform and our inclusion in AWS Marketplace is a testament to that hard work,” said Raj Datta, oak9 CEO.

“By making it easy for the existing AWS customer base to purchase oak9, we can bring our solution to a wider audience and ensure more applications are secure and compliant by design.”

In addition, organizations can detect security flaws as they update their IaC for cloud-native applications. Oak9 is HIPAA-, GDPR-, and ISO 27001-complaint.

The platform's pre-built security as code blueprints are compatible with any cloud architecture, and its continuous dynamic monitoring ensures security stays current with ever-changing requirements.


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Earlier this year, the firm raised $5.9 million for its IaC security platform in a seed funding round led by Menlo Ventures.

“Infrastructure as code has accelerated the velocity of modern development teams by 10X, beyond the ability of security teams to keep up,” said Tim Tully, partner at Menlo Ventures.

Tully added, “The rate of change and the complexity of continuously evolving architectures mean that large organizations can typically secure less than 15% of their applications. By integrating security starting in the design phase of the software development lifecycle, the oak9 platform allows development teams to maintain their velocity while identifying and remediating security gaps, ultimately producing cloud-native applications that are secure and compliant by design.”