Microsoft brings Azure Rights Management to Office for iPad and iPhone

Microsoft Azure splash screen on a smartphone

Microsoft's Azure Rights Management product is now available for Office for iPad and Office for iPhone.

The enterprise solution offers encryption and other security features in Office 365, as well as information rights management (IRM) for SharePoint libraries, emails, and Office documents in the cloud or on premise.

Until now, Azure Rights Management was only available for Office 2013, Office 2010 and Office for Mac, as well as Office 365.

The solution is available immediately for Office for iPad and iPhone and, according to Microsoft, "you can now view rights protected documents natively within the Office application. Word, Excel and PowerPoint all display the protected content with full file fidelity, retaining the same viewing rights permissions originally assigned to the document."

Creation, editing, and publication of rights protected documents are currently not possible on the iOS apps, although these features will apparently become available at a later date.

Microsoft has also said it intends to support for Azure Rights Management to the Outlook app on both Android and iOS in the fourth quarter of the year. Support for the solution on Office for Android and Office Mobile (Windows 10 Enterprise edition) will also become available in Q4. Additionally, Office 2016 will have Azure Rights Management controls pre-instrumented when it launches later this year.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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