Choosing the right technology to strengthen cloud security and risk management

A whitepaper from ServiceNow covering how to lay a strategic foundation for cloud security and risk management that protects what matters to your business
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The price of poor cloud security is intolerable—massive business disruptions, punishing fines from regulators, and loss of customer trust. But there’s a shortage of cloud security talent. That’s why cloud security needs to focus on doing more with less. And that means making better use of AI, automation, and predictive technologies to quickly identify security threats and respond to them before they do irreparable damage.

This eBook discusses the critical importance of choosing the right cloud security technologies and covers why the right solution should enable you to:

  • Discover security-related misconfigurations, automate remediation actions, and run configurable policy rules
  • Identify and track software vulnerabilities automatically in dynamically deployed container images
  • Use proven risk management frameworks, continuous monitoring, and smart issue management to mitigate compliance risks.

Download today to get started on finding an integrated, automated solution that addresses your key security and compliance concerns while reducing your dependence on scarce cloud security talent.

Provided by  ServiceNow


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