Graylog launches new cyber security solution to address legacy issues

A white robotic hand holding a lock in front of a yellow background

Centralized log management solution provider Graylog has announced its new security solution.

Dubbed Graylog Security, the new service addresses legacy security information and event management (SIEM) challenges.

In addition to over 50 security scenarios built upon MITRE ATT&CK and Intelligence Community standards, Graylog Security includes machine learning-powered anomaly detection and user entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities.

“Too often, security analysts struggle with SIEM and log management solutions that are complex, slow, noisy, rigid, unscalable, and expensive. Graylog Security overcomes these long-time challenges and provides the right path for security success,” said Andy Grolnick, Graylog CEO.

According to the firm, Graylog Security’s UEBA/Anomaly Detection features can reduce false-positive security alerts by over 90%.

The platform’s machine learning engine self-trains after just seven days of historical data, offering businesses greater protection against credential and insider threats, among other types of cyber attacks.

“With its ease of use, speed, and proactive security that scales up and down, and built-in expertise that eliminates the need and cost of hiring a Ph.D. Data Scientist, Graylog Security is the ideal solution for those new to SIEM or those frustrated by their current SIEM offerings,” added Graylog.

Additionally, Graylog Security’s risk models automatically identify metrics based on an organization's priorities, ensuring the most critical alerts are addressed first.

With its user-friendly investigation capabilities and lightning-fast search engine, Graylog allows security teams to ascertain the cause of security threats and eliminate them promptly and efficiently.

Integration with Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms are also supported. Finally, Graylog's new cyber security solution can also be accessed via its partner network.