NIS 2 compliance with WatchGuard Technologies

NIS 2 Compliance with WatchGuard Technologies
(Image credit: WatchGuard Technologies)

The European Union has taken a significant step towards fortifying cybersecurity across the bloc by introducing the second version of its Network and Information Systems Directive, or NIS 2 (aka NIS2). This updated legislation expands upon the original NIS Directive, aiming to create a more robust and unified approach to cyber defense.

NIS 2 applies to a broader range of organisations, mandates stricter security measures, and emphasizes improved incident reporting and information sharing. Understanding your obligations under NIS 2 and taking proactive steps towards compliance is crucial for any business operating within the European Union.

Other key findings Download the white paper, NIS 2 Compliance with WatchGuard Technologies, for a deeper look at NIS 2 compliance requirements and how to prepare your organisation.

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