ThreatLabz Report: The state of encrypted attacks

Whitepaper cover with title over image of high rise buildings with red circular digital icons dotted around
(Image credit: Zscaler)

A vast majority of today's cyber attacks use encryption to bypass defenses. The Zscaler ThreatLabz team analyzed data from the world's largest security cloud - processing over 250 billion transactions per day - to uncover what threats are hiding in SSL/TLS.

Learn how the encrypted threat landscape has evolved and what you can do about it in this ThreatLabz report: The State of Encrypted Attacks, 2022. 

You’ll discover their learnings from analyzing encrypted traffic across the Zscaler cloud from Oct 2021-Sept 2022, blocking 24 billion threats over HTTPS along the way. A 20% increase from the 20.7 billion threats blocked in 2021.

Download the report now to discover more on topics including:

  • Which industries and locations came under fire
  • Where most enterprise defense strategies fall short
  • Best practices for stopping encrypted attacks using zero trust.

Provided by  Zscaler


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