2023 ThreatLabz state of ransomware report

2023 ThreatLabz state of ransomware report
(Image credit: Zscaler)

Ransomware attacks are evolving into complex operations. Attackers are pioneering new phishing and social engineering techniques that exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and networks. 

Zscaler created the 2023 ThreatLabz state of ransomware report to provide business leaders with an overview of the ransomware threat landscape. Discover information that will protect your organizations from attacks that could leave you financially desolate. 

The report explores:

  • 2022 top ransomware attack statistics by industry and ransomware family
  • The evolution of ransomware and current attack sequence
  • Key ransomware trends including supply chain attacks, ransomware as a service, geo-political and law enforcement attacks, and more
  • How to safeguard your organization against ransomware attacks with a zero trust strategy
  • Ransomware predictions for 2023-2024

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Provided by Zscaler 


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