How to reduce the risk of phishing and ransomware

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Cyber criminals continue to leverage phishing and ransomware attacks because they work.

The tsunami of phishing attacks that threaten account compromise, data breaches and malware infection remains a critical threat to neutralise. Ransomware is a second critical threat, with a well-played ransomware attack capable of bringing an organization to a complete halt, and in some cases putting it out of business permanently.

Read this report to learn:

  • What percentage of organizations believe they are effective at counteracting various phishing and ransomware threats
  • What the most effective types of mitigations against phishing attacks are
  • Best practices to reduce the risk of phishing and ransomware
  • Which attacks are more prevalent - phishing vs. ransomware
  • What phishing and ransomware attacks can lead to

Provided by  Mimecast


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