Trend Micro and Snyk team up to combat open source flaws

Open source cloud with endpoints underneath
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Trend Micro and Snyk have announced a jointly developed SaaS solution called 'Trend Micro Cloud One - Open Source Security by Snyk'.

This industry-first solution, which targets security operations (SecOps) teams, provides real-time insight into open source vulnerabilities for enhanced risk management.

"Open source software is used in nearly all organizations. This introduces risks from readily exploitable vulnerabilities; an expanded attack surface through which malware and malicious code can gain access, compromising proprietary code and infrastructure; and legal and intellectual property exposures," stated Gartner in its market guide for software composition analysis.

Snyk stated the new Trend Micro Cloud One - Open Source Security by Snyk will help resolve the long-standing cultural barriers between security and development teams with a centralized solution that delivers unique visibility early in the software development lifecycle, further protecting the application stacks.

The new Trend Micro-Snyk SaaS proactively identifies vulnerabilities in licensing, so security teams can better monitor and prioritize risks within DevOps projects. It also corporates an integrated automation feature that helps security teams spot indirect dependencies in their applications.

Over 650 hours of development time can be saved per application through increased automation, according to Trend Micro.


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Trend Micro Cloud One - Open Source Security by Snyk is available as part of the Cloud One platform on the AWS Marketplace. Organizations have the option to integrate the service with standard source code platforms, including GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jenkins, and more.

"Together Snyk and Trend Micro are investing in the future of the cybersecurity industry, where security and development teams effectively work together to make their organizations safer," said Geva Solomonovich, global alliances CTO at Snyk.

Solomonovich continued, "Adding Snyk's developer-first security technology to Trend Micro's Cloud One allows more customers to tackle open source risk on a single platform, minimizing the need to manage multiple vendors and tools. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Trend Micro to foster more innovative, effective ways to solve key security concerns for our customers."