Oracle brings Exadata cloud inside the data centre

A view of Oracle's office building in Silicon Valley, California

Oracle has announced the extension of its Oracle Cloud at Customer product, allowing organisations to run its Exadata Cloud Machine for running Oracle databases on-premise.

This means Oracle Exadata can be deployed as a cloud service inside a customer's own datacentre in the Oracle Cloud, as well as in a traditional on-premises environment, making the offering more flexible for its customers.

Although Oracle Cloud at Customer was only launched a year ago, the company wanted to make sure it could also serve sectors that are highly regulated so can't move data and applications outside of their own datacentre.

Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine offers customers access to all parts of its Oracle Database, including Real Application Clusters, Database In-Memory, Active Data Guard and advanced security. It's available on a subscription model with real time online capacity bursting.

"Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine is an ideal platform for organizations that want the benefits of the cloud brought to their datacenter," said Juan Loaiza, senior vice president of systems technologies at Oracle.

"For many years, Oracle Exadata has been the platform of choice for running mission critical Oracle databases at thousands of customers, and the Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine extends this value proposition to those customers who want cloud benefits but cannot or aren't yet ready to move to a public cloud."

Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine is compatible with on-premise and Oracle Cloud applications, making it much easier for companies to continue using their existing infrastructure, with the added bonus of using their own datacentre.

"Every IT organisation is making plans to move to the public cloud, and Oracle customers are no different," said Carl Olofson, research vice president for structured data management software at IDC.

"The Oracle Cloud at Customer program provides a means of transitioning to the cloud by starting right in the datacenter, thereby maintaining direct interaction with the applications that remain on the premises. The Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine extends that capability with all the features of Exadata, managed remotely by the Oracle Cloud team. It is a great first step toward eventual cloud deployment."

Clare Hopping
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