FinancialForce software will benefit from AI and enhanced user experience tweaks

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FinancialForce has provided a sneak peek into what users can expect when the Autumn release of its product set arrives next month.

The cloud-based app firm used Salesforce's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco this week to showcase the enhancements that lie just around the corner for its PSA, Subscription & Usage Billing, and Financial Management products.

"Next month FinancialForce will officially announce significant product enhancements for its Fall 2018 Release, including new analytics products powered by the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Platform as well as a next-generation Lightning user experience (UX) across the portfolio," the firm said on its blog.

"Powered by Salesforce Einstein, FinancialForce Analytics delivers a unified data and artificial intelligence (AI) layer, empowering users to derive predictions and recommendations using unlimited business scenarios and a complete, aggregated view of customer and business data."

The tweaks will provide users with a single aggregated view of data and enable users to benefit from predictions and recommendations based on, FinancialForce said, infinite business scenarios.

FinancialForce PSA will now come with an overhauled user experience that has been optimised by Salesforce's Lightning Platform. Salesforce's Einstein Analytics tool has also been deployed to boost visibility and data analysis across billing, backlog, capacity and utilisation activities.

Among other new features, users will also benefit from pre-built, but customisable, dashboards that make use of a unified data model spanning CRM, financial management and PSA to aid account lifecycle management.

Multiple revenue stream management is also being added to its Subscription & Usage Billing product, which makes it easy for same system management of subscription services, consumption, usage and billing for tangible goods.

Finally, the next iteration of the firm's Financial Management service will bring with it role-based dashboards and next-generation financial reporting based on insights gleaned from Salesforce's AI platform Einstein.

A revitalised UX also makes an appearance, in a bid to help businesses reduce customer churn and increase predictable recurring revenue.

Importantly, the UX is customisable, with users being able to activate managed and unmanaged Lightning apps and productivity tools as well as integrate with Outlook/Gmail.

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