Microsoft more than doubles file size limit for SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive

A close up photo of a smartphone screen with a shortcut for the OneDrive app displayed

Microsoft has announced it’s increased the file size upload limit for Microsoft 365 from 100 GB to 250 GB, making it easier for users to store, sync, and share large files to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

“So now, you will be able to easily share large files like a 3D model of a new building, a client commercial shot in 8K video, a large dataset for a vaccine trial or research projects or large videos for educational projects,” explained Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, the upgrade will help address remote working and learning challenges imposed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also good for personal use, as users can transfer zip files from their PC to OneDrive and share them conveniently with friends or family.

Microsoft said it achieved the 250 GB data limit by splitting each file into chunks and encrypting each piece with a unique key, optimizing storage for upload performance. All users’ files are backed up in massively scalable Azure Storage to ensure greater availability. Lastly, the differential sync feature accelerates uploads and only syncs recent changes made to files, reducing network utilization.

Whether editing files in OneDrive, sharing projects for review in SharePoint, or collaborating in Teams, users can easily upload and download large files when and where they need them.

“As remote work and learning increases so does the need to reliably and securely share large files-4K or 8K video files, 3D models, CAD files, or large scientific data sets-with co-workers, clients and peers. At Microsoft we're perpetually working to enable and support workers all over the world. We are always striving to innovate and empower our users to be more productive. At the same time, we are extremely grateful to our customers and partners for all the helpful and insightful feedback – particularly in industries such as heavy manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and media for our latest enhancement,” said Microsoft.

Support for the new 250 GB file size limit will roll out by the end of January, and all users will get the upgrade by the end of Q1 2021.