Zoom launches new video SDK capabilities for developers

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Zoom has launched new tools for developers to help them build video-based applications and websites with fully customisable, native user interfaces.

The Zoom Video SDK will now be made available via a free subscription service and will allow developers to build video-based applications and interactive features such as on-the-go live streaming with interactive chat, the company says.

The Video SDK is part of Zoom's Developer Platform, which features various resources such as dev tools, infrastructure support and access to a dev community. Developers can now access the SDK via a new "Buy Now" option which will come with no initial charge for up to 10,000 minutes per month, with additional minutes being charged on a per-minute basis. There will be a full paid tier, with a plan that starts at $1,000 a year and includes 30,000 session minutes per month.

As well as specific features for Zoom users, the firm hopes more business applications will be created. This could include functions for retail organisations with "unique" shopping experiences and tailored customer services via video.


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A good example of what developers can do with the SDK is Lingmo, a cloud-based AI translation software provider that built a feature for instant captions in meetings that let users converse in different languages.

"Zoom's fully customisable Video SDK was a good fit for us because it worked seamlessly with our technology and enabled us to assist enterprise customers in a new way. Zoom's Video SDK allowed us to accelerate the development of our solution, and gave us the flexibility to enhance our product offering for our customers," said Danny May, CEO of Lingmo International.

As well as the SDKs, developers can access APIs, chatbots, webhooks and even an analytical platform that can provide real-time data on their builds, such as customer engagement and performance figures.

The announcement comes shortly after the anniversary of the UK's first lockdown where the country switched to working remotely. Zoom was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic, seeing a 355% increase in adoption as consumers and businesses adopted its simple and cheap video conferencing.

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