Epos Expand Vision 3T review: A worthy collaboration partner for Microsoft Teams Rooms

This smartly designed and versatile bar integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's video conferencing platform

The Epos Expand Vision 3T

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SMBs that want a standalone video collaboration bar designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms will find the Epos Expand Vision 3T well worth a look. Powered by a 6-core ARM v8 CPU with 4GB of memory, the Vision 3T runs the certified Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android app so you only need to bring your own monitor.

It combines a Sony 4K UHD camera with a wide 112-degree field of view, dual digital MEMS mics, an HDMI port for connecting a TV and a USB-C connector for adding a second monitor. There's even a microSD slot. Automatic framing and audio tracking zero in on the current speaker using digital PTZ functions, while the embedded Epos AI feature handles noise reduction.

That's a lot to pack into a video bar that's only 285mm wide, and the reason for this smallness is that the 3T lacks internal speakers. Instead, the kit includes an Epos Expand SP 30T speakerphone that connects to the 3T over USB. If you already have any Epos Expand model, you can purchase the Vision 3T Core package for £780 and use that instead.

The Epos Expand Vision video bar

Initial setup was smooth: we connected our HD monitor, powered the 3T up and waited a minute while it booted. Using the onscreen setup menu, we connected it to our wireless network (gigabit wired is also supported) and attached a dongle to the USB-A port for a wireless keyboard and mouse as we found it much easier to enter details using these as opposed to the Bluetooth remote control.

The 3T then loads the familiar Teams interface and asks you to log in to your account. A normal Teams account can be used, but all you'll be able to do is send meeting requests from it and accept those from other Teams users.

To get the best from the 3T, we declared it as a Rooms device and assigned it a Microsoft 365 Exchange resource mail address. Other Teams users can then book meetings from Outlook simply by including the 3T as a room location in their invitation.

From the Teams admin portal, the 3T appeared as a new device in the Teams Rooms on Android list. We used a free Rooms Basic licence, but upgrading to the Pro version enables features such as device health status and remote firmware upgrades. When a booking is received, the onscreen display shows the details in the meetings panel to the right along with the requested start time and duration. A menu option also allows you to create on-demand meetings and invite multiple participants.

Starting meetings is a one-touch process. The user simply selects the Join icon on the screen or uses the Teams button on the remote handset or speakerphone rim. The 3T presents the standard Teams meeting interface, while controls such as audio mute, volume and ending meetings are easily accessed using the remote handset.

The camera presents a sharply focused image and, although the top resolution is 1080p, the 4K sensor ensures quality doesn't deteriorate when zooming in. Speaker framing and tracking is swift, too, with it taking no more than three seconds to respond to movement.

Speakerphone audio quality is good, with this 12cm diameter disc producing a crisp, clean sound that easily covered our 24m2 meeting room. The kit includes a five-metre USB extension cable, so for larger rooms it can be moved further away from the camera.

Businesses investing in Microsoft Teams Rooms will find the Epos Expand Vision 3T a worthy collaboration partner. This Android-powered room bar is easy to install, delivers good video and audio quality and is always ready to use at a moment's notice.

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