IT pros with more than one programming language get bigger pay packets


Nearly half of IT professionals believe knowing more than one programming language will boost their pay packets, according to research by IT recruitment firm Greythorn.

In fact, the company's investigations suggest those with skills in multiple languages can attract a premium of up to 10,000. This, the company claims, could mean IT workers are significantly underestimating the value of having a wide range of skills.

Furthermore, the proportion of IT professionals rating multiple programming languages as vital has fallen by 22 per cent in the past year, suggesting the gap between reality and perception over the importance of knowing more than one programming language is broadening, Greythorn suggested.

The results come amid ongoing concerns about the UK's IT skills level, with the Government set to introduce a new curriculum that will see primary school children taught how to code.

The BBC has also introduced a programme to encourage children to start coding, using its TV, radio and online presence to provide its audience with the skills they need to become more tech savvy.

Mark Baxter, director at Greythorn, said: "Now more than ever IT professionals should see the value of being fluent in more than one programming language.

"An increasing number of companies, especially those in London, are looking for flexible employees who have the capacity to work in a number of functions for cost reduction purposes, which can sometimes necessitate knowledge of up to three or even four languages. IT professionals must therefore continue to develop, renew and refresh their skillsets in order to maintain their competitiveness."

Baxter added IT professionals should be taking the time not only to see which programming languages are most in demand, but also which are growing in popularity, claiming that "those who branch out and also focus on the fastest growing languages will reap the best rewards, as there will be fewer professionals to match their skills and expertise."

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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