Stryker develops operating theatre of the future with HoloLens

Stryker and Microsoft have joined forces to help develop the operating theatre of the future using Microsoft's HoloLens VR headset to re-imagine hospital spaces.

Using HoloLens helps surgeons visualise the operating theatre according to their discipline, making them better prepared to operate on patients.

At present, operating theatres in general hospitals are used by all types of surgeons and this can cause confusion, especially when the equipment needed isn't available, the lighting is wrong for a certain type of operation, or the patient is in the wrong place.

HoloLens is being used to help hospital staff and designers create operating theatres that are suitable for multiple operations, by allowing them to visualise different set-ups without having to physically move furniture, lighting and people around.

"Instead of needing all of the people from each surgical discipline, all the physical equipment required across all medical disciplines, all in one room at the same time, Stryker is now able to modify and build different operating room scenarios with holograms," explained Lorraine Bardeen, general manager of Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Experiences.

"No more time-consuming sessions where everyone needs to be physically present and no more need to move around heavy and expensive equipment to get a sense for how everything all fits together."

Those involved in the 3D modelling of an operating theatre can view the space as if they're in the room, or they can see a smaller model. Everything can be moved around to make sure it's designed to suit everyone's needs.

"I'm consistently amazed by the creative ways HoloLens is being used to solve complex problems, improve business outcomes and results, and change the way we interact with technology," Bardeen added.

Clare Hopping
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