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Hotel room necessities: Eight things business travellers want

When traveling for business, it’s essential your hotel room is a home away from home, while also being a mobile office...

We asked two traveling executives what they look for in terms of tech features before booking a hotel and whether their needs are being satisfied when heading across the world.

Plug sockets

A lot of older hotels don't have enough plug sockets for all devices to fit in and if they implement and four-way extension lead, more often than not, both adaptor and plug itself won't fit in side-by-side other plugs.

Also there should be at least one on each side of the bed, allowing you to charge while you sleep. This is especially important for those who use their mobile as an alarm clock.

Mike Anderson, CEO of Chelsea Apps Factory said: "Hotels that offer not just multiple charge sockets, but charging cables for popular devices also get a gold star in our book."

Free, stable Wi-Fi as standard

"Superfast and secure Wi-Fi is a must. Connectivity has become such a fundamental business need, so hotels that offer it as standard are always looked upon favourably by us. It shows an understanding of what I need as a business traveller to run my business on the move," Anderson said.

Free internet is obviously a more favourable option and once it gets to that login screen, it's important the process is as easy as possible to get online and doesn't throw you off every hour.

Tim Webb, international business director at Time Out, agrees that free high speed Wi-Fi is a necessity, saying: "Unfortunately, it's not as common as one would hope. Free and high speed are a rare combination."

TV inputs for devices

When you're working away from home, having extra TV inputs is a bonus. Whether you want to plug in your iPad to watch downloaded films, your phone to listen to your music collection or laptop to preview a presentation, being able to plug and play with your TV is a great addition to any hotel room.

Other entertainment systems, such as a phone dock will mean not only can you charge your device without using an extra plug socket, but you can play some background music or use your phone as a fully-features alarm clock.


A good hotel lighting system should feature a range of lamps and main lights, allowing you to turn the brightness up and down as you see fit. Desk lights are essential if you're planning on working in the room to avoid eye strain as you stare at your computer screen.

Multiple lighting controls is also a must-have. There's nothing worse than your alarm going off at 5am and having to navigate to the front door to find the one light switch in the entire room.

Adjustable heating

So many hotels have inefficient heating or air conditioning systems. Depending on where you are in the world, bets are, you'll want a comfortable climate to ensure the room is at a decent temperature of around 18 degrees.

To make the job of adjusting the temperature to your tastes, you'll need an easy to use panel to increase or decrease temperatures in just a couple of taps.

Maybe more importantly, the system around the room should be silent to allow you to sleep soundly- no clunking of air vents as they spit out ice cold air into the room, please!

Interactive TV services

There should always be a TV in your room, whether that's to catch up with the news headlines or your guilty pleasures with some cheesy TV.

A wide range of English programmes are essential in business hotels, but also, interactive services are important too.

If you're charging expenses to your room, you'll want to check what you've spent as the trip goes on and the additional benefit of being able to check out through the TV saves valuable time - especially if you want to avoid the checkout queues in the morning.

General features

It's likely when working abroad, you'll work longer hours. A mini-bar in the room will make sure you have snack and drink at hand all day and night to satisfy your every hunger pang.

Webb also explained the importance of a hotel with early check in. "Early check-in is a key influence when I'm booking a hotel," he says. "Most business people on long haul arrive early into a city and mid afternoon check-ins are a pain. Not many hotels offer this though."

Additionally, he lists 24-hour gym access and "fluffy towels and a decent bath or at least a walk in shower," to ensure the comforts away from home are present and he can feel as relaxed as possible in an unknown country.

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