Manchester United FC bans iPads & other tablets


Manchester United Football club has banned fans from bringing iPads and other tablets to its home games, amid security concerns.

The football club said that Old Trafford stadium is following advice issued by the government regarding taking uncharged gadgets through security at airports and, as such, will not allow any large electronic items to pass through its gates.

A statement on Manchester United's website said: "In line with UK airports we are reacting to the latest security intelligence. These actions are designed to ensure the continued safety and security of all spectators. Large electronic devices including laptops and tablets will be added to the existing list of prohibited items for match days at Old Trafford."

It went on to say that smaller items, such as smartphones and cameras would be allowed into Old Trafford, as long as they are not large, bulky items bigger than 150x100mm.

The note also reminded match attendees that large bags, large cameras and liquids (with the exception of a small bottle of water with the top removed) are still included on its list of prohibited items.

In June, the US Department of Homeland Security banned passengers from taking on uncharged electronic devices through security and onto a plane. Anyone passing through immigration will have to prove their gadget turns on before being allowed through. If any electronic item, including a smartphone, doesn't power up, you will not be allowed to take it on the plane.

The US has introduced the rule because it believes the battery of such devices could conceal explosives.

Manchester United broke the ban news to its fans before its friendly against Valencia yesterday (August 12).

However, some critics say the ban is in place to stop spectators filming the match on their tablet, which could obstruct the view for other match-goers. This could also result in copyright issues if a ticket holder was to film the entire match and upload it to YouTube or another video sharing service.

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