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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The IT Pro Podcast: Happy birthday GDPR

As GDPR turns two, we look back on its impact and how it’s changed data protection - if at all
29 May 2020

The IT Pro Podcast: Microsoft Build goes virtual

We dig into some of the most important announcements from this year’s show
22 May 2020
Data & insights

The IT Pro Podcast: Digitising dinosaurs

How the Natural History Museum uses data to explore the ancient world
8 May 2020
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast: Beyond Brexit

The UK has officially left the EU, so what happens now?
7 Feb 2020
Microsoft Windows

The IT Pro Podcast: Farewell Windows 7

We reflect on the legacy of one of Microsoft's most enduringly popular operating systems
17 Jan 2020
open source

The IT Pro Podcast: Does open source have a place in public sector IT?

We explore how open source and open standards can help organisations overcome budget squeezes and avoid vendor lock-in
10 Jan 2020
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast: Looking forward to 2020

With 2019 behind us, we predict what trends the IT industry can expect over the next year
3 Jan 2020
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast: Looking back on 2019

We recap some of the most important stories and trends from the past year
20 Dec 2019

The IT Pro Podcast: Should email be part of your collaboration strategy?

We look at whether email is an outdated relic or a useful tool
13 Dec 2019
big data analytics

The IT Pro Podcast: How to build a data-driven business

We explore what goes into making an organisation truly data-enabled, and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls
6 Dec 2019

The IT Pro Podcast: Is the future multi-cloud?

We discuss the rise of multi-cloud, what it means for businesses, and which providers don't like to share
29 Nov 2019

The IT Pro Podcast: What does Labour's broadband bonanza mean for business?

We take a look at Labour's ambitious new infrastructure policy
22 Nov 2019
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast: How upskilling can improve diversity

We explore how to plug your skills gap and address inequalities at the same time
15 Nov 2019
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast - Five years of Windows 10

We look back on Microsoft's forever-OS with special guest Darien Graham-Smith
8 Nov 2019
Business strategy

The IT Pro Podcast - How do we fix security?

We discuss why firms keep making the same security mistakes with guests Graham Cluley and Stu Peck
1 Nov 2019