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Windows 10: 10 Features we want to see

With the Windows 10 release date looming, here are the top features we want to see
1 Oct 2014
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Windows 10: Live blog on Technical Preview release day

Microsoft has unveiled Windows 10. Stay tuned for more details...
30 Sep 2014
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Windows 9 leak unveils OS ahead of 30 September launch

Leaked screenshots and a video of the Windows 9 Technical Preview provide early glimpse of Microsoft’s next operating system
16 Sep 2014
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Microsoft reportedly dropping Windows Phone and Nokia

Microsoft is said to be planning to scrap the Windows Phone and Nokia branding in the wake of the next OS release
11 Sep 2014
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Windows 9 notification centre details revealed

The Windows 9 notification centre is reportedly available on some builds of the OS
9 Sep 2014
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Windows 9 could just be called ‘Windows’

Despite seemingly confirming Microsoft’s next OS as Windows 9, it’s now suggested the software could simply be called ‘Windows’
8 Sep 2014
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Windows 8 adoption rates lower than Windows Vista

Despite ongoing hatred directed at Windows Vista, the operating system was more popular than Windows 8
5 Sep 2014

Windows 9 accidentally leaked by Microsoft China

The software giant has revealed information about the platform on its Chinese social network
3 Sep 2014
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Windows 9 Tech Preview to get two monthly updates

Microsoft are reportedly setting up two monthly updates for the Windows 9 Technology Preview
29 Aug 2014
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Windows 9 to be free for Windows 8.1 users?

Windows 9 is rumoured to be a free update for Windows 8.1 users, with more incentives for other customers
28 Aug 2014
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Windows 9 could have interactive live tiles

Microsoft is planning to include interactive live tiles and a new notification system as part of Windows 9
27 Aug 2014
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Windows 9 developer launch date set for 30 September

The update will include design tweaks and the re-introduction of the Smart Menu
22 Aug 2014
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Windows 9 looks set to include Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, is rumoured to be a big feature of the upcoming release of Windows 9
14 Aug 2014
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Windows 9 brings universal apps on Windows Phone, PC & more

Microsoft have promised universal apps for Windows Phone, PC and Xbox with the release of Windows 9
23 Jul 2014
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Windows 8.1 Update 2 release date rumoured to be 12 August

The second update to Windows 8.1 will be reportedly be released to users on 12 August
21 Jul 2014

Windows 9 could remove desktop mode from mobile devices

Windows 9 could mark the end of the desktop on phones and tablets
1 Jul 2014
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Windows 8.1 update set for Spring release

Microsoft confirms first major Windows 8.1 update will drop in Spring 2014.
24 Feb 2014
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IT Pro's web comments round-up

Windows 9, Google outages and Lloyds Bank's tech issues. Here are the stories that have got IT Pro readers hot under the collar this week.
31 Jan 2014

Windows 9 release date slated for April 2015

Microsoft expected to tease attendees with operating system's new features at Build 2014 conference.
13 Jan 2014